We are Jules Montgomery, Freyr LePage and Alison Cumpsty.

What we have in common

We tend to come to the same answers at the same time. There is a great harmony between us. We find each other’s self-centred actions and words, always give us exactly what we didn’t know we needed.

It’s unsurprising, since we have all chosen to listen to the same Voice.


Prior to our discovery of ACIM:

  • Jules was raised as a Catholic, moved on to Quakers. Still has a persecution complex.
  • Freyr was raised as a Quaker, moved on to (mostly Zen) Buddhism-ish and similar. Recovering micromanager.
  • Alison something something, studied the Seth Material. Highly qualified in reiki, kundali yoga and dentistry. whoop-de-doo.

How we know each other

Freyr and Jules met auspiciously in 2010 - story told from Freyr’s point of view. They now both live in the same village and train together often.

Alison and Freyr met in 2018. In a family camp of hundreds, the two sincere students of A Course in Miracles happened to be camping together, but neither knew the other studied the Course until Freyr stood up in the camp meeting to advertise a group. They studied and practised togther for hours every day of the camp. They now study the Course together over the phone.

Jules and Alison met through Freyr. They have a lot to talk about and have started revealing themselves via voice messages.

Personal sites

  • Jules - it’s a blog; she’s understandably terrified of people knowing what she really thinks.
  • Freyr - Freyr is a spirituality troll. The blog is hidden - for others’ sake.
  • Alison doesn’t have a relevant website yet. Boohoo.

Freyr wrote this page. You can probably tell.

  1. in ACIM terms, it could be said that each of us is 100% willing